Monday, September 21, 2009

Nite Nite

i want to thank you all for participating and for being so patient as i worked through the technical glitches. i hope everyone had a great time! love you bunches *blows kisses* and i hope to see you all next year *waves* g'night and sweet dreams!!!


  1. What technical glitches? you did an excellent job Maya..thanks for doing this

  2. Nite nite. This was a lot of fun. Thank you for organizing it and to going through all this trouble.


  3. Thanks for putting on this wonderful event!

  4. Thanks for inviting me to my first award show.

  5. Thanks Maya.
    This was lots of fun and I am so glad that a few of the winners were able to participate. That made it all the more special.
    All the winners had great books that have provided us all with many hours of happy reading. Let us hope that we have even more good nominees and winners next year.

  6. Thank you so very much, Maya, for the hard work you put into the Lub Dubs, and especially for creating them. I enjoyed seeing my work alongside that of authors I adore, and I got such a thrill from seeing my favorite writers win. I'm looking forward to next year's Lub Dubs, and I guarantee I won't neglect to cast my own votes!

  7. Thanks Maya this was a great night. I enjoyed myself thoroughly!!!

    Congrats to all the Nominees..

    A special shout out to Michelle Lauren

    Ur awesome gurl!!!!

    Congrats to all the winners!!!!

  8. A belated congrats to all the winners and noms! Very cool awards ceremony! Great job, Maya!

  9. Thank you Maya.This went off without a hitch. It was so much fun! Thanks for putting this together.

    Congrats to all the winners and nominees! See you next year!

  10. thank you to all of the winners and nominees - votes have been pouring in for the past couple of weeks and you have no idea how close some of the picks were, lol. but in my eyes you are all winners for contributing to a genre that isn't shown love nearly as much as it should!

    and a super HUGE thanks to all of the fans who participated in the nomination and voting process as well as tonight, sharing congrats!

    also, sorry i had to cut out of here so fast (family event) but if you will allow me to host the LDAs again next year, i promise it will run smoother and there will be red carpet and after party events ;-) love you all! *xoxo*

  11. Thank you very much for hosting! I'm sorry I couldn't make the festivities because of a prior engagement, but I do appreciate the effort you put into hosting something like this. And thank you to everyone who voted for me and the other authors. Truly wonderful!

    All the best,

    Savannah J. Frierson