Tuesday, June 01, 2010

something worth reviewing for!

my peoples!

so sorry for the long absence. apparently i took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up in narnia for several months. but i'm back now! so on with the show...

i just finished reading "something worth fighting for" by lena matthews. it's a bw/wm romance available in e-book format over @ ellora's cave, so check it out because i said so! ...or because it's good. ...but then again, if we were being honest with ourselves, isn't all of miss matthews' work frickin' awesome!? i mean, she has this way of entertaining her readers from beginning to end, getting them to "ooo", "aww", and laugh-out-loud all in the same story. and that does a good author make! and if that didn't sell yous, how about the fact that she has a wide selection of novel-length ir stories. that way the awesomeness isn't over in eight pages like many other ir works we know and love.

now. onto the real reason why i love her work. or should i say, just another reason why i love the chiz that lena matthews writes: she is able to create a story where the heroine is black without beating the reader over the head with her "blackness". miss matthews is skilled at incorporating phrases, thoughts, and names that are culturally specific to many african americans, without the heroine turning into one giant stereotype. basically she makes the heroine relatable. and readers, isn't that all we really want???

so if you want to find out what happens when a sassy nine year old girl causes her awesome neighbor to meet and eventually fall for her equally awesome adoptive uncle, then click
this link, toss it in your e-cart, and get your read on!

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  1. I am going to buy this book today, I keep looking at it :)