Sunday, October 04, 2009

safety first!

it's no secret how i feel about books written by more than one author - leery to say the least. i'm one of the biggest skeptics i know, so to trust that two people can make their writer's voice sound as one is a big leap for me. but occasionally, i make it. so, following my gut (and danielle's positive review), i decided to purchase "Safe" by Shara Azod and RaeLynn Blue. and i am so glad that i did!

although i'm in the middle of reading several fiction and non-fiction books at the moment, i just had to take a quick break to get my ir-read on and it definitely paid off. "Safe" was right up my ally with a black heroine who wasn't a "doormat" (to quote the book) but also wasn't an ex-ninja (too many tough-as-nails sistas in literature these days), and a white hero who carries a badge (way hot) and is borderline stalkerific (even hotter)!!!

the plot in a nutshell: scum-bag, wife-beating brother kicks the bucket → wife and totally awesome brother-in-law finally admit they love each other → tons of hot oral-sex and intercourse → even more f.b.i. agent type action → HEA → and possible spin off with the hero's partner and a witness.

note: the book is available @ lulu ...and two words: love it!


  1. Oh this is where the butt plug thing came from? lol
    I have the lulu page pulled up and I am trying to decide if to buy it

  2. lol, i say go for it! i wasn't disappointed :-)