Sunday, October 11, 2009

trick or treat

yesterday i read my first ever holiday ir story. the holiday of course was my personal favorite - halloween!

in the bw/wm "Lonely No More" by Selena Illyria the hero is a sorta dead famous writer who was cursed by his witch ex-gf to remain a ghost until he found true love. the heroine, who is also a writer (the hero is actually the one who inspired her to write when she was younger), moves into the house that he haunts and things take off from there. needless to say there is an immediate attraction between the two characters and the paranormal sex is just as hot and steamy as regular sex! it also wasn't as awkward to read as i thought it would be. so two thumbs up to Illyria for pullin' that off! and for those of you wondering how a relationship between a corporeal person and a ghost could ever work, no worries - for this story has a HEA!

so make it an erotic halloween and stop by liquid silver to pick up "Lonely No More". although, it is a relatively short read, it's definitely one that i recommend.

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