Wednesday, August 19, 2009

b.f.f.s make the best lovers

i've come to realize and accept the fact that i am in the midst of a total reading binge. like the fiction junkie that i be, i have spent the past couple of days grabbing any good books that i can get my hands on. whether it be paperback, hardcover, electronic, borrowed, gifted, or bought, i've been pumping that good shit, that literature smack, into my brain, via my eyes and...what...a...rush!

this brings me to my most recent read. and when i say recent, i mean that i just finished it! the 'it' i'm talking about is "Beg For It" by Minx Malone. let's just say i took a chance on this author - having never read her work - and i was not disappointed! the story was funny, sassy, smart, and erotic. basically everything that a good ir should be! the hero and heroine were best friends turned lovers - c'mon, who doesn't love that sort of plot? (and if someone out there says that they don't, well then to put it nicely they are a freak of nature and should be shot). anywho, mya and milo are both ad execs and co-workers who begin to admit their long harbored feelings for one another. thankfully the reader doesn't have to wait too long for this story to pick up speed because almost immediately this read engages and has the reader wrapped around it's little finger before the second chapter. now that is impressive!

now before i go, i must 'warn' the natives, this book is chock full of more hot steamy sex than a spanish brothel. so, if you're in the mood for a happy beginning and ending to go alongside a one-handed read, check out "Beg For It". like i said, you won't be disappointed.

and before i forget, here’s a mock interview you can read as a chaser (or a prequel) to Malone’s story…definitely two thumbs up for originality! for sure, lady, i like your style…and believe it or not, i too dream in surround sound and hdtv *winks*

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  1. I'm glad you liked Milo and Mya! They were so much fun to write about. Don't forget to check back for progress on the sequel. Andre Lavin has just been begging me to write his story :)