Wednesday, August 19, 2009

3 - that's the magic #

as is evident by way of my july posts, i've been way enthusiastic lately for all things LaVerne Thompson. i mean, there's such lack luster trash out there clogging up the ir scene that i can't help but cling to the old faithfuls, a.k.a. genuinely good work!

now, a week ago i read Thompson's short story "Promises." my computer was blessed to take a break from constant e-book downloading when the author sent me a signed paperback copy in the mail. not only that, but my care package also contained two book marks littered with fine menz. yeah, i said it. yummy menz on mah page holders - loved it! (i'm currently using one as my bookmark for the inkheart series…really, self? a near naked man bookmark holding the pages of a children's book, how tasteless!) needless to say, these delicious reading accessories could turn any non-reader into a total book whore and i'm happy to own 'em! now, back to "Promises" - the story was both original and sweet. and i loved the hero and heroine from the giddy up! mia and david made a lovely couple, the kind a reader loves to root for. and i definitely would've sold a semi-major organ just to make the brief tale any amount longer.

i've also finished the "Three Sisters Series" by reading Thompson's recently released "Masquerade." this book three has already claimed red rose publishing's number one spot on their best seller's list. however, it's not alone. books one and two have also returned to the top ten list, making it a series to take note of. in this read, Thompson continues her trend of creating diverse heroines with sydney - the army brat who loves to race cars and designs airplanes for a living! this adventurous sista with a need for speed was paired with caine - a successful business man who goes after what he wants and doesn‘t stop until he gets it. caine pursued syd was such hotness i couldn't help but swoon.

and now for the main event...uber hot love scenes! all i can is that this book was fraught with so much sexual tension, if i so much as coughed while reading i would've orgasmed. ahh, but what ir fan doesn't like the spicy with the sweet? either way, this book was a fitting end to the three book series. and i think de la soul and school house rock sang it best when they crooned "three, that's the magic number"!


  1. Wow! That's pretty much sums it up for me. Thank you for reading my work and enjoying it. It was fun to write and my co-author for the series was a perfect match our styles are different but blended well. I'm very glad you enjoyed The Three Sisters Series. And both Steph and I have more work coming from Red Rose.
    Soon. LOL


  2. i'm hoping that's a good wow? lol

    and you and steph make an awesome pair! i can't wait to see what else you two turn out! please pass along my thanks to her for co-writing this series, will ya?