Friday, July 10, 2009

one lucky gal!

i was absolutely positive that tonight would be dedicated to my own work and not someone else's. *sighs* that, my friends, was a definite no-go. don't get it twisted, i did do some work. i transferred 50% of my story's corrections from the printed pages to its computer counterpart. so actual editing was accomplished!

that aside...i've discovered the work of yet another talented author. Stephanie Williams, co-author of "Ringside" (which i reviewed in tuesday's post), has written two other pieces that had me glued to my screen. *looks both ways for the writing police* i know i'm supposed to be working on my own shiznit, but how could i possibly turn down two well written stories that had me laughing one second then breathing heavy the next? see, even you don't have an my semi-slacking was in fact justified, humph!

first i read "Your Local Handyman." nearing a short story in length, this book was a quickie but a goodie! it featured an italian stallion who was damn good with his hands in more ways than one. *fans self* ...shoot, all i can say is miss alexis - the story's heroine - was one lucky gal!

next, i read "Northern Exposure" - book two in "The Three Sisters Series". just as, if not more, enjoyable than "Ringside", "Northern Exposure" was an absolutely awesome read. it was 100% laugh out loud funny (which we all know i love)! and even better, the story was entertaining, engaging, and believable. it touched upon race and nationalism without reading like a history book and the dialogue was hella cute! plussss, i totally want a pair of remote control panties now! i gotta remember to put it on this year's Christmas list *smiles* wanna find out more about super hot remote control panties and the Finnish studs who operate 'em, then go to Red Rose Publishing's website and check out Stephanie William's "Northern Exposure." i promise, you will not be disappointed!

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