Wednesday, July 08, 2009

once upon a time...

once upon a time there were two very talented authors who spun fairytales brilliant enough to make any interracial romance fan believe in happily ever afters...

i just finished reading Lena Matthew's "Head Over Heels" and it was SO f-ing good! but really, do we expect anything short of perfection from miss Matthews? like with all of her other books, i found myself laughing and loving from beginning to end!

now, i heard it through the grape vine that "Head Over Heels" is actually one half of a planned re-telling of two classic princess tales. the magical pair's second half is owned by Eve Vaughn's "Mistress to the Beast" - which i gave rave reviews in the post entitled "be still, my heart." released last year, both e-books are available for purchase on the same publishing website. and without further ado, here is Samhain Publishing, Ltd.'s juicy description:
Sometimes you have to make your own happily ever after.

Working at the Glass Slipper is anything but a fairytale for Cyn Elder. After one especially long day, all she wants is to kick off her shoes and put her feet up, but she reluctantly lets her friends drag her out to a new club.

Movie mogul and fledgling club owner Parker Maguire is bored with the Hollywood scene and its plastic women, and the club scene isn’t proving to be much better. Until he finds a sassy woman refusing to back down from his overzealous bouncer.

Cyn is a breath of fresh air, neither impressed by celebrity status nor bowled over by his charisma and wealth. She’s honest, genuine—and arousing in more ways than he could have ever imagined. For once, Cyn puts herself before her shop and lets herself be swept off her feet by a man who pursues her with a delightful vengeance.

Her father’s evil girlfriend and her two lazy daughters, however, see Cyn’s new happiness as nothing more than a threat to their own comfortable lives. Their plot to break the two lovers up could turn Parker and Cyn’s “once upon a time” into a “happily never after.”

Unless Cyn’s Fairy Drag Queen can pull something out of her pink-chiffon sleeve…

and incase you're still on the fence, here's an added warning that i know will have your mouse clicking 'purchase': This title contains hot, dirty, workplace sex; hot, dirty, sauna sex; heck...just hot, dirty sex in general. As well as fairies of the non-magical variety, and dreams coming to life.

1 part black cinderella + 1 part white prince charming + 2 parts fierce & fab fairy godfathers = one heck of a happy ending! and the feminista in me couldn't help but notice and appreciate the fact that this cinderella was sexy, assertive, and very capable. *smiles* can anyone say ab-fab?

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