Tuesday, July 21, 2009

B&N + e-books = happy readers

i am here to spread the news!

as of yesterday, Barnes & Noble has an e-book service. they are offering over 700,000 titles - woohoo! and some of those titles are indeed interracial romance. (note: when i typed in interracial romance, only 8 non-fiction books came up. but when i typed in specific authors, for example marylin lee, i got back a whole jungle of works!) from the quick glance that i took, it looks as though most float around the five dollar price range, some are four, some are seven (yikes!) it seems based on length. however, according to them, their average e-book (fiction and non included) price is $9.99.

anywho, their e-reader service is free to download and available for PCs, Macs, iPhones, Blackberrys, and a few other devices in the near future. the program is somehow connected to itunes - haven't quite figured that part out yet. and it also looks like when you sign up, you get a B&N e-book library that you can access from any computer! so, here's the link. check it out for yourselves and then we can take a vote: yay or nay???


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  1. It's about time, now I can take that little palmPilot of mine and stuff full of all kinds of books including ones for my work.