Saturday, July 18, 2009

g-reading is fundamental

sorry i haven't blogged in a week (that's a long time for me). but i've been busy gettin' my discussion on. "huh?" you may say. well let me explain. i was recently invited to join a few groups from the website "good reads". and let me tell you, joining those groups was like coming home. finding a place where everyone likes to read and even better they all like to read the same things as you, was like hitting the jackpot! there are even two groups dedicated to interracial romance novels - way dope, if you ask me! and through goodreads i have been able to communicate with not only fellow fans of great literature but the authors who write them as well. talk about an added bonus...

i've also finished editing my story. i e-mailed the draft to friend i have made on goodreads in hopes that she will read it and give me her honest reaction. i'm keeping my fingers crossed, hoping i haven't wasted my time on an unlikable story, but only time will tell. honestly though i would rather catch any snafoos now instead of later.

now, back out i go onto the tumultuous sea or choppy paper and rough words, in search of that beast and whale known as the synopsis...oh when will it ever end?

...but then again, does the when really matter, so long as when it does end, it ends with a publishing deal?

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