Wednesday, August 19, 2009

when you wish upon a ★

so i just finished reading Michelle Lauren's "Starstruck: Hunter" and all i can think is: perfect! (a word i do not use often)

it was the perfect length, with the perfect amount of descriptiveness, and with perfect characters - not in that they were flawless, but more so that they were perfectly 'human'. i also call the world she created perfect because it was comprised of fantasy so vivid that it felt like reality. the environment wasn't so futuristic or overly described that it felt false. instead it felt like an alternative dimension to what could have easily been our present day world. this type of set up makes it easy for a reader to get lost in the pages and that's exactly what happened. and i must note that this type of work is very difficult to produce. many try, few succeed. and the fact that a. the story read so smooth and 2. that the flow felt effortless, means that Lauren is much more talented than the rest. so my conclusion: the plot was original to say the least and she managed to achieve what very few authors do...

and here is where i insert the idiot's guide to "Starstruck's" plot description: undercover-good-guy-star-hunter meets hunted star → the situation is complicated from the get go but love still prevails → the end!

now, down to the nitty gritty *rubs hands back and forth* the heroine, miranda, was an absolute delight! she was beautiful, capable, funny, charming, and a virgin who was not afraid of her own sexuality. she was an inoffensive balance of innocence and naivety. her honesty was refreshing and her faux pas endearing. all in all, miranda was a perfect match for the hero, noah. he was a hero so likeable that he turned a name i was always felt indifference towards into a name that i now regard with fondness (sort of like what the twilight series did for my feelings towards the name 'edward'). the hero not only protected his woman, but he also taught her how to protect herself - and that i love! always well intentioned, noah was both a fighter and a lover.

but isn't the loving all we really care about??? and the answer is ultimately yes! with a couple of love scenes peppered with such niceties as self-pleasure, voyeurism, and a little anal play, this book got pretty damn hot at times! (which might cause some trouble considering the fact that mother nature has lost her fucking mind with this august heat!...see what happens, people, when you break the ozone layer? ...but i digress)

anyway, the point i'm trying to make is: perfectly loveable hero & heroine + perfectly hateable villain + HEA in a quick read format that is in fact worth the price = Michelle Lauren's "Starstruck: Hunter" what are you waiting for, huh? go get it!

p.s. this book is sold on countless sites, including amazon, liquid silver, and again, go get it!


  1. This review makes me smile. It's a great pick me up to know how much you connected with my story. Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts online.

    As for the character names...I'm with you on Twilight revitalizing the name "Edward" for me(although I'm not a fan of the book). The name Noah conveys strength and integrity to me -- things my Noah had in spades, so I think it fit him.

    Again, I'm so glad you liked the book.

  2. trust me, i have major gripes with the twilight series but i love me some edward, no matter what! lol

    you did a great job writing a truly loveable hero and heroine! and i really did enjoy the book! please keep up the great work :-)