Friday, August 14, 2009

part 2 of 2... for the rave...

so i just finished reading "Tolling Nights" by Savannah J. Frierson and first let me start by saying that i absolutely loved it! i mean, i was “turning” electronic pages with such fiendish tendencies and theatrics that it would be clear to anyone watching that i was in love with the story and all of its 241 page glory. let’s just thank God that sjf doesn’t push narcotics b/c if her smack was as good as her writing, i’d be a total addict.

anywho, lemme start with the story’s heroine: bevin. she was jam packed with curves and coated in dark skin - which you don’t “see” often enough in ir stories, so that was an automatic love. she was also the perfect combination of strength and vulnerability. and i’m not going to lie, when many ir stories are cast with neck-shaking, tough-as-nails sistas that are apparently ex-ninjas, it was refreshing to see a different kind of woman who was totally human in the best sort of way. even better was seeing a man strong enough to love her and all of her faults.

more abut this man…*sigh* that’s right, i have found yet another hero that makes me want to change my hubby’s name. i know, i know, shame on me. but sjf broke the mold when she wrote tim. he was strong enough to: a. love himself a good black woman with some junk in her trunk, 2. protect his country at the drop of a hat, and c. be secure in his masculinity and not shy away from expressing the deepest parts of himself no matter who was around to witness said expression. plus he was a total gentleman in public but all kinds of sexy behind closed doors! *fans self* why are all the good ones either gay or fictional characters?

don’t worry folks, the story’s fun doesn't stop there. bevin had amazing parents who i wanted to adopt me by the time i was done reading. they treated tim like a son from the get-go and that was just too cool. ulrich, tim’s best friend, was another winner who you couldn’t help but love. and although bev’s friends were a little suspect, some of them i did like. like rosita and patrice, simply because they seemed more aware than the rest. (and i have to say, i loved that rosita and her family were black hispanics - something you never see).

honestly though, i really did love this book. i laughed, i cried, i got aroused - it was great! plus the writing was terrific with a perfect length, beginning, and end. so please, whoever is reading this, walk/skip/jog/run/drive/fly your way to so you can purchase this must have for any fan of interracial romance. then get your read on and let me know what you thought!


  1. Thank you very much for this lovely review! I'm so glad you enjoyed TROLLING NIGHTS! Tim...yeah...Tim is a good one and I was sort of surprised by how quickly he claimed Bevin (as was she!) but they were like magnets. I hope you, if you get a chance/haven't already, read Rosita's story and I hope you enjoy that one as well. Again, thank you so much for taking out the time to read my work!


    Savannah J. Frierson

  2. *screams & giggles* rosita has her own story??? omg, where??? ...must find! *runs off looking for book*